number of records:  30871
number of sequences:  23953
number of species:  3279
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Partners & Sponsors
Collaborating Barcode Campaigns
    All Birds Barcoding Initiative
    All-Leps Barcode of Life
    Fish Barcode of Life Initiative
    Formicidae Barcode of Life
    Marine Barcode of Life
    Trichoptera Barcode of Life

    Arctic Ocean Diversity (ArcOD) - USA
    Barcode of Life Data Systems - Canada
    Bedford Institute of Oceanography - Canada
    Biodiversity Institute of Ontario – Canada
    Canadian Barcode of Life Network - Canada
    Canadian Centre for DNA Barcoding - Canada
    Canadian Museum of Nature - Canada
    Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes - Canada
    Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) – Australia
    Consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL) - International
    Environment Canada - Canada
    Institute of Marine Research – Norway
    International Barcode of Life Project - International
    International Polar Year – NSERC, Canada
    Museum of Natural History and Archaeology – Norway
    National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd (NIWA) - New Zealand
    Natural History Museum of Denmark - Denmark
    Natural History Museum – Norway
    Norwegian Barcode of Life Network (NorBOL) - Norway
    Norwegian Institute of Nature Research (NINA) - Norway
    Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA) – Norway
    Norwegian Polar Institute – Norway
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology – Norway
    Royal Ontario Museum - Canada
    Tromsψ Museum – Norway
    University Centre on Svalbard (UNIS) - Norway
    University of Alaska Fairbanks – USA
    University of Bergen – Norway
    University of Guelph – Canada
    University of Manitoba – Canada
    University of New Brunswick – Canada
    University of Waikato - New Zealand
    University of Waterloo – Canada

    Genome Canada - Canada
    MRI - Canada
    NSERC – Canada